Length 12.5 In.
Diameter 1.5 In. median, 5/8 at it's narrowest point, 2 and 1/4 at its widest(the 2 black disks)
LED Color Green
LED Power 3 W Luxeon
Battery pack 3 AA
Sound Start-up, shut-down, idle humm, several clash and whoosh (maker Master Replicas)


This saber spent almost a year on my workbench. I wanted to see how thin I can get it and still have a solid saber. This is the result. The hilt is mostly aluminum and copper, and it weighs about a pound and 10 ounces. It features a slider switch and a-breaze-to-replace battery pack. Loud sound effects recorded from the movies and a powerful green Luxeon LED.
This saber comes with a 1/16 wall polycarbonate blade. Aditional replacement blades and upgrades can be found in the accessories section, or by contacting me directly.