Length 11.75 In. main hilt, the prong extends an additional 2.5 inches.
Diameter 1.5 In.
LED Color Red extend/retract
LED Power Master Replicas FX 64 led string
Battery pack 3 AA
Sound Start-up, shut-down, idle humm, clash, whosh (maker Master Replicas)


This was an original Darth Vader FX saber made by Master Replicas. It was severely modified and all plastic components on the hilt have been replaced by steel and aluminum. The blade is now removable, but it still preserves the popular extend/retract feature. The saber's switch has been replaced by a thumbscrew. Both the large and the small thumbscrew are included. The large screw can activate the saber by a single hand, but it sticks out a bit. The smaller screw requires use of both hands to activate the saber, but once on, you will never accidentaly turn it off in a demonstration. This is NOT a dueling saber. As with all Master Replica sabers, there is a fragile string of LEDs in the blade that will break in full contact dueling. Best used for demonstrations and light dueling.
The convenience of the battery pack has been preserved, and changing batteries is a breeze.
If you have questions or comments about this saber please contact me directly.