Length 13 In.
Diameter 1.5 In.
Battery pack 3 AA
Sound Start-up, shut-down, idle humm, clash, whosh (maker Master Replicas)


I have built this saber some time ago, but haven't really finished it. Finally, I've ironed out all the details. It is based on a golden chromed steel body and it weighs almost 2 pounds. The batteries can be easily changed by unscrewing the pommel. It is in fact an MR battery pack.
What makes this saber truly unique is it's ability to change colors. The 3 knobs seen on the body are in fact adjustments that control the Red, Green and Blue elements. As you may know, by combining these 3 colors in the right amounts, any color can be obtained. Well balanced red and blue will yield purple. Add green and obtain white. Remove red and obtain aqua. Remove blue and add red and obtain yellow. And so on. The pictures show actual, unaltered (for color) shots of some of the colors possible.
As it was built with a holder for that size, this saber comes with a clean polycarbonate blade salvaged from an MR and converted with my fiber-film diffuser. A thicker blade will require the bottom part of the blade to be sanded to fit.
Note: There are tiny scratches on the body visible under good light, and up close. This is part of the construction as this saber was assembled and disassembled over 15 times during this process.