Welcome! I create unique lightsabers for fun. None of the sabers pictured bellow will be reproduced. I enjoy building hilts from scavanged parts and parts I find in hardware stores, parts that were never intended for the purpose. Thanks for visiting and please check back, I will have more sabers available when I finish them. This website has not been up for years, so I have just started to update it again. These are old builds, nowhere near the new technologies in use today, but as stated, my focus is in hilts. Newer sabers will be posted as I build them.

Some of the sabers I've built:

Here are some older EL designs.

These sabers are not weapons, but they can cause blindness if one stares straight into the beam. They can also cause injury if used as bats. Please exercise good judgment when handling.

Contact me directly if you have any questions or comments.